the Desk

I am a huge fan of desk tours/room tours/etc. I am busybody and want to know what people’s rooms/workspaces/desks/etc look like.

So here is mine.

My desk + what is on the wall.

I’ve had this desk since forever. I mean. I was doing homework on this same desk when I was in Primary 2. So that means we have had this desk for at least 23 years. Or even longer. It is also currently epically messy. And crowded. You probably realise I don’t have space for my mouse. So it ends up being used on my laptop. Also, my laptop is awesome.  Her name is Cassini-Huygens, named after that Saturn exploration probe. And she’s an Aftershock MX-15. and that poster of Mark Watney watches over me when I’m at my desk. HAHAHA ~

My dear beloved 3D printer.

The 3D printer’s name is Aurica – which I got from Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia – which I played donkey years ago, back when I still had my PS2. I just like that name.

Aurica is a Hyper+3 Desktop 3D Printer from ECOmaylene3D. She’s pretty much a Prusa i3 clone, which makes life so much easier for me because is a very common design.

Behind the printer is stuff like my colouring books, sketch books, and other such nonsense.

I’m printing a shark comb – in case you’re wondering

Shark comb STL file from Thingiverse.

Hiding behind the laptop.

That is where I stand my PLA filament rolls when I’m printing. Just bought some new rolls so testing them out. Washi tape in hiding. I have many many rolls. That brown box holds my 3D drawing pen. Which I always say was my gateway drug to 3D printing. Also, lots of pens and art markers. And Python Playground because I’m learning the programming language.


More pens. A Rainbow Dash PEZ dispenser. A Pikachu pen holding. A stick of PLA holding most of the rubbish I drew with the 3D pen.

more stuff

Martian trash. LOL! Hello Kitty metal box holds my Magic: the Gathering cards. MAKERbuino boxes on top. Arduino project kit in the plastic box above that.

My figurines and stuff

My figurines. is messy. that is all I can say.