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March 4, 2014 / Avarielle

International Sidewalk Astronomy Night 2014

So I’m sort-of hosting a sidewalk event on the 8th of March to mark International Sidewalk Astronomy Night 2014.

 background image of the Orion Nebula by: Dave Ng

yes you should drop by!

We can look at the moon, the Orion Nebula, Jupiter, and maybe Saturn and Mars if we stay late enough. You can come and hang out, chat with us and obviously look at stuff in the sky. There will be at least one telescope, not mine. But I may be convinced to bring mine along. HAHA ~

okay! event page on Facebook is here. You can bother us there if you have any questions. We will answer you. or you can follow us on Twitter at @BishanParkAstro.

See you on the 8th!

January 20, 2014 / Avarielle

Wake Up Rosetta

for ESA’s comet chasing space probe, Rosetta

She had been sleeping for a very long time. 31 months to be exact. That was indeed a very long time.

Somewhere, somewhere inside the depths of her mind, she was vaguely aware of a timer, an alarm, counting down to the moment she would awake. That timer had kept her asleep for all those months.

The timer was almost done now. In an hour, she would awaken and her long slumber would come to an end.

10 …
9 …
8 …
7 …
6 …
5 …
4 …
3 …
2 …
1 …

beep beep beep.

The timer was beeping.

She opened her eyes and felt her senses wake up.

Information and data and flooded into her mind.

‘Let’s go catch ourselves a comet’ She thought to herself and smiled.

January 13, 2014 / Avarielle

Taipei 101!


Today we went up the tower. Very high.

January 13, 2014 / Avarielle



Finally I have my own Danbo!

I have an obsession with toy photography, and always wanted a Danbo of my own.

When I saw Simply Toys at Bugis Junction selling mini Danbo, I immediately bought it. And assembled Danbo the night itself.

Now Danbo is my main prop for toy photography. I’ll post more Danbo photos on my Instagram, Deviantart and Flickr.

January 12, 2014 / Avarielle

Snaps from Taiwan


Hello from Taiwan! Currently at Taipei. Holiday with the family. More photos to come when I get back to Singapore, and process the photos on my camera.

January 8, 2014 / Avarielle

Bird bird!

I am apparently now obsessed with birding. I swear I can walk around Bidadari Cemetery and not get lost.

And I have developed an obsession with Striated Herons.

They are the cutest!




October 28, 2013 / Avarielle

T-4 Days

Thursday will be my last day at work. How and why I’m leaving my job is not relevant. What is relevant is where I’m going – moving forward.

I’m back on the job hunting market.

But first, I get to spend 4 days in Hong Kong with the parents. The Pentax K30 is obviously going along – so expect picspam when I get back on Monday.

After that, I will be haunting the job sites and spamming my résumés at just about every single suitable opportunity. I’m also planning to finally get down to clearing my bedroom. Processing the massive piles of photos I’ve been shooting. And heading to Bidadari to shoot more birds and scenery.

I’m scared and excited.