PSA: I might scream

Hello Hi. There is a chance I might get to sail on the Queen Victoria next year.

Everyone please be prepared for me to scream like a madwoman when I do. Because my first love, before 3D printing, before astronomy, before FPV drones, before the ex-Boy, before The Martian, before almost anything, was ocean liners. And the Queen Elizabeth 2 is my beloved – even up to now. I sailed on the QE2 in 2007, on the Queen Mary 2 in 2010, and maybe it is now time for the Queen Victoria.

(Just so you know, I refer to the QE2 as the wife.)

Going to the sort-of Cunard travel agent in a couple of weeks, will update on my travel plans.

JB day trip – 15th July 2017

Last Saturday, the work friends and I headed into Johor Bahru for the day. The plan was to eat, shop, relax and do pretty much whatever we wanted to do.

As you can see. We ate a lot of food. It was all very yummy. 

Also I bought stuff. And yes my trash brain had to buy a magazine on 3D printing. I also bought other stuff like medication, hair ties and other nonsense.