We the Rosies

we the rosies.jpg

Just signed up to print a part of that – because why not.


My printed parts!



itchy hands

I’ve been watching way too much crafting tutorials on Instagram and now my brain is demanding to try my hands at UV Resin crafts. Time to order some new craft supplies to try.

I shall post photos when I get my new stuff & when I do make stuff.

dear 2017 …

Dear 2017,

You turned out in ways I never expected.

So many good things – and bad things.

First off, I never expected to break up with the ex. But that lead to so many amazing things so I have no regrets.

I never expected to get into 3D printing, DIY electronics, coding, etc. I never expected to fall mad in love with Splatoon 2, I never expected the amount of travel I would do this year.

I have made so many new friends this year. Mainly through gaming and the 3D printing community. I have become so much closer to old friends.

2018 is shaping up to be AMAZING ~ I am so looking forward to the Queen Victoria cruise, to Comic Fiesta 2018.

I think I’m ready for 2018.