dear 2017 …

Dear 2017,

You turned out in ways I never expected.

So many good things – and bad things.

First off, I never expected to break up with the ex. But that lead to so many amazing things so I have no regrets.

I never expected to get into 3D printing, DIY electronics, coding, etc. I never expected to fall mad in love with Splatoon 2, I never expected the amount of travel I would do this year.

I have made so many new friends this year. Mainly through gaming and the 3D printing community. I have become so much closer to old friends.

2018 is shaping up to be AMAZING ~ I am so looking forward to the Queen Victoria cruise, to Comic Fiesta 2018.

I think I’m ready for 2018.


lurking at FabCafe

So yesterday I went to FabCafe to lurk. And visit the 3D printers. And eat. Too bad it was the weekend else it would be less crowded. Maybe next time I have to go back on a weekday.