Solo travel planning

So I wanna go explore the world – alone.

(I’m sorry to anyone who reads this and ends up reading my mindless rambing.)

Anyway, currently lurking at FabCafe and eating red velvet cake. #fatdieme which is slightly less creepy and weird than lurking next to the 3D printer. and we all know which option I prefer. hint: it involves the 3D printer. LOL!

Anyway. back to topic.

I have a bunch of places I want to travel to.

My criteria:
– not too expensive.
– nearby. at the most a 3-4 hour flight from Singapore.
– has history and culture. so museums and historical stuff.

Basically that.

A couple of places on my list:
Penang. Only went there for a couple of hours during a port stop on a cruise. seems like an interesting place. is nearby. can probably budget airline there. and Malaysian food is always better.

Hong Kong. is still near Singapore. I always go there until I can find my way around. I just like that place.

Malacca. was supposed to go there with the ex-Boy earlier this year. then plans fell apart cos I fell very very sick. then you-know-what happened. So yeah. I wanna go there myself. Mainly for the food. and maybe the alcohol. heh.

IDK where else. LOL

Actually I wanna go to China as well. AND HAUL HOME SOMETHING LIKE 36828682 BAJILLION ROLLS OF FILAMENT. AHAHA ~ (I think is okay as long as I don’t haul home another 3D printer.) (actually I wanna build another RepRap, but IDK which one. also don’t know how to build.)


micro:bit moods

Am super sleepy and brain dead today after a tiring day at work. Also, am now printing a name “tag” for my sister for her monitor at work, so I can’t exactly sleep yet.

So I went to mess around with my micro:bit.

microbit makecode
messing around in the makecode editor. Is a mood display. 
A heart shows when the board is in standby!

Drawing in 3D

So I impluse-shopped and bought a 3D printing pen off Qoo10 today. Did the order at work during the lunch hour and dropped by the seller’s shop to pick up the item after work.

My pen is some OEM pen. No branding. The instruction booklet comes in English. so no issues there for me. The pen runs off USB power and comes with its own USB power cord, so I plugged it into my power bank and it worked.

The box. Holds the Pen and the power cable.
the pen and the power cable inside the box. they only had the red colour pen left so that’s what I got.
I got a bunch of filaments in different colours as well.
some of the stuff I “printed”. The bunch of weird lines at the left was ne figuring out the pen.