3D printed insanity: Part 1

my child.

So depression is a little bitch and left me crying myself to sleep last night and crying when I woke up. I was so wrong thinking that I would be fine one month post-breakup. So very wrong.

So after waking up around 5+ am, crying and reading The Martian fanfic on the phone, I finally dragged myself out of bed and went to lurk online instead. My itchy hands ended up searching for 3D printers sold in Singapore and I discovered ECOmaylene3D. THEY SOLD PRINTERS. AT POPULAR BOOKSTORE. AND THE ONLY TWO BRANCHES WERE TAMPINES MALL AND NORTH POINT. So I ended up running out of the house to go look at said printers.

A super long bus ride and MRT ride later, I was at Tampines Mall and nearly ran into Popular. And then really ran into the store because the 3D printer was in a display case right at the entrance. Then I drooled something like 10 million buckets of drool and stared at the printer. After some thought about whether 3D printing or eating was more important, my brain decided that apparently 3D printing was more important. And before I knew it, I owned a 3D printer.


So I dragged the box to the MRT station slowly, and my arms wanted to die. Then took the train to Bugis and got a cab home. Ended up with a really friendly cab driver so we had a good chat about the weather and travelling. This is the kind of people that make me wish I can give ratings for cab drivers.

Anyway I got home, had lunch, and set up the printer. So it now lives on the dining table until I make a space for it in my room. I’M SORRY PARENTS BUT IF YOU DON’T USE THE DINING TABLE, MY 3D PRINTER IS GOING TO LIVE THERE AND TAKE UP SPACE. HAHAHA. (We really don’t use the dining table. The mother eats in the living room, the father, sister, maid and I eat at the kitchen table.)

HEY YOU KNOW HOW THEY SAY 3D PRINTERS ARE LIKE PROJECTS THEMSELVES. yes so very true. Is like you have to do stuff before the printer really works. The PLA filament doesn’t want to come out from the nozzle. I don’t know why the PLA is not sticking to the print bed. Also, the printer is a Prusa i3 clone, the LCD screen literally says “Prusa i3 Ready.” HAH. So I was searching for “Prusa i3 + whatever problems I was facing.”

Anyway I contacted one of the engineers who worked on the printer and she’s getting a technician to call me tomorrow.

Actually I have pics of the unboxing and setup, and also pics of me dragging the thing home, but yes. I’m lazy and I shall upload them some other day.



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