leaf render

From a simple model in Autodesk Fusion 360…


to a printed object.

Slowly practicing on creating my own models.


Need to print



also, I want to try modify it to fit my phone.

Actually. Are you even surprised I want to print that? Considering how mad obsessed I am with The Martian. LOL!

(click on the image to go to the website where I got it from)

First prints

Previously, I mentioned that I finally managed to get the printer working and here’s some stuff I printed today.

tiny calibration cube, big ankh, smaller ankh, box.  In the order I printed them. all links to their thingiverse page. Box is going to work with me tomorrow, because I need a box to hold my paper clips on my desk.

Currently printing the climbing Thin Man. My work monitor is lonely after I brought home the Pikachu figurine that used to sit on top of it.

Finally printing!

After a week of headaches, I finally got the 3D printer working as it should. Finally managed to print.

Only one question: why must my print speed be at 50% for the printing to work? hmmm…

Also. I was at Maker Faire yesterday for a couple of hours. Mainly to visit the 3D printers. And had a good long chat with a friend who had a booth there. Maker Faire post to come soon.

Bed leveling is a horror

Because guess who’s prints are not working out because the print bed is not level?


IT IS A HORROR. and my fingers hurt. and my brain hurts.

I’m going to sleep. Company Family Day in the morning.

Also. FabCafe is trying to lure me to their cafe/makerspace/idk to visit their 3D printer. Maybe someday. When I am more free. And have time/energy to lurk at various cafes. HAHA

3D printed insanity: part 2

I posted before that my dear 3D printer was apparently clogged or something. 

Yesterday I spoke to the technician and yes, my printer was clogged. So she explained to me how to clear the clog and today I went out and got the required tools. And then spent two hours dismantling the nozzle, clearing the clogged up plastics, and reassembling everything. And I managed to sort of print. 

The thing now. It only seems to print the 1st layer and then the plastic stops extruding. Probably the bed isn’t level. Urgh. I hate levelling the bed. Takes forever. 

This is going to be tomorrow’s project. I need to sleep. Work in the morning.

JB day trip – 15th July 2017

Last Saturday, the work friends and I headed into Johor Bahru for the day. The plan was to eat, shop, relax and do pretty much whatever we wanted to do.

As you can see. We ate a lot of food. It was all very yummy. 

Also I bought stuff. And yes my trash brain had to buy a magazine on 3D printing. I also bought other stuff like medication, hair ties and other nonsense.