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April 15, 2017 / Avarielle

Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition for PS4

So we apparently have a PS4, and I use it to play nonsense like Skyrim, Dragon Quest Builders, and No Man’s Sky.

Anyway. I am also apparently Stardew Valley trash. Because I randomly bought the game on Steam last year, got addicted to it, and it is now installed on both my Windows 10 gaming PC, and my cheapo Ubuntu laptop. And I also bought the guide book for the game online, mainly for the cute art. And that day, when I saw that the Stardew Valley Collector’s edition for PS4 was out. I freaked out and ran to Amazon to look. Because I did not know if the local game shops would bring in the game. Yesterday, I found out that local game shops did bring in the game, so I ended up cancelling my Amazon order, and getting the game locally.

Anyway … pics.

The game comes with the game disc of course, a mini Guide Book, a soundtrack, and a map of the town.

So far, the game plays very similar to the PC version. Except that instead of a mouse and keyboard, you use a game controller.

I know that Stardew Valley is coming out for the Nintendo Switch some time this year. And I am very very excited for it.


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