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December 31, 2016 / Avarielle

at the end of 2016

In the last hours of 2016. I just want to say. This has been a crazy year. Both good and bad.

a) the March 9th solar eclipse was crazy, fun and mind-blowing.

b) FLYING ~ the freaking highlight of my year. Massive thanks to everyone in the community for all the friendship, fly meets, crazy moments, laughter and everything else. I threw so much money at my drone babies but it is all worth it. ILU Cinnamon, Darjeeling, Fennel, and all my other quads.

c) I had friends walk out of my life, but their departure made space for new friends to come into my life and enrich my life so much better.

d) and last but not least, my colleagues at work. We go through so much shit at work and we still come out stronger.

e) other various things that happened included finally using Linux as a daily usage OS, buying my first digital audio player in ages and OMG the music, Pokemon Sun & Moon, and so much more.

I think I’m done with 2016. Let’s hope for more awesome to come in 2017!


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