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April 20, 2015 / Avarielle

Just an update.

I haven’t been updating this blog here. I should.

Here’s an update on my life since I last posted.

1) Comic Feista 2014 was amazing fun. The boyfriend and I went. Along with the usual gang. My birthday fell during our trip and so we celebrated with A&W. And the gang got me a Creeper plushie. And film.

2) SINGAPORE SIDEWALK ASTRONOMY aka the astronomy outreach group I help run had it’s 3rd birthday on April 4th. And it was also the day of the total Lunar Eclipse. So we had a massive sidewalk session to watch the eclipse and the sidewalk group’s Facebook page hit a 1000 likes on that day. What a milestone.

3) I have officially gone back to the ball-jointed doll hobby. I had three dolls I got/bought way back in 2008/2009. But I more or less fell out of the hobby in 2010. Well. I’m back in the hobby. And in the span of slightly over two months, I have acquired three more dolls. One is already home because he is second hand from the Marketplace at Den of Angels. The second one is one his way home, also second hand from the Den of Angels. And the third is still in the making process because she was ordered new from Fairyland.

4) last but not least. I just got back from Bekok. Aka my astronomy paradise under dark skies. I had two nights and three days of amazing skies. Good food. Friendship. And much laughter.I can’t wait for the next trip. 26 days to go!


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