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January 20, 2014 / Avarielle

Wake Up Rosetta

for ESA’s comet chasing space probe, Rosetta

She had been sleeping for a very long time. 31 months to be exact. That was indeed a very long time.

Somewhere, somewhere inside the depths of her mind, she was vaguely aware of a timer, an alarm, counting down to the moment she would awake. That timer had kept her asleep for all those months.

The timer was almost done now. In an hour, she would awaken and her long slumber would come to an end.

10 …
9 …
8 …
7 …
6 …
5 …
4 …
3 …
2 …
1 …

beep beep beep.

The timer was beeping.

She opened her eyes and felt her senses wake up.

Information and data and flooded into her mind.

‘Let’s go catch ourselves a comet’ She thought to herself and smiled.


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