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January 6, 2013 / Avarielle

Planning for Japan

So we’re going to Japan. We as in the family. Which will be a bit of a change for me, considering all the trips I made last year were with friends, and not family. But my mother wants to go to Japan and so we are going there. In ten days. And we’re doing it free and easy so all I know is that we have flights there and back, and hotels. In between that, I have no idea. And I shall be doing some planning.

To be honest, I’m slightly disappointed we’re not going in spring. Firstly it’ll be less cold and I won’t freeze my brains out. And secondly I would love to visit that park, the one with that massive wisteria tunnel. I have a wisteria obsession.

So far, I know I’ll be hitting the Pokemon Centre, eating something like twenty buckets of ramen and udon, visiting temples, and drooling over zen gardens and tea houses. And taking many many photos. I have the next week and a half to plan. We shall see what my plans end up being.


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