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October 8, 2012 / Avarielle

New Toys for Us


And to think I just did online shopping yesterday. *sadface* *money fly from Avarielle’s wallet* But cannot delay. teefury had a funny shirt with a pic of an alien showing it’s butt to Mars Science Lab Curiosity yesterday and I wanted it. Then I woke up late this morning and missed the launch of the SpaceX Dragon. STUPID STRAITS TIMES! Put the wrong timing for Dragon launch. *pouts for 5 seconds* Anyway, I used Avarielle!logic and ended up playing Skyrim for about an hour after I got up. If I can’t watch Dragon launch, I will kill dragon. RAWWWR! I ISH DOVAHKIIN! FUS RO DAH!

Anyway yesterday, after we Gardens-ed by the Bay? Gardens by the Bay-ed? What the heck is the past tense for going to Gardens by the Bay, we were at Orchard because we wanted to go to Books Kinokuniya. (I will blog about our Gardens adventure – soon.) Where I bought astro magazines, and a book about the Higgs Boson. WAHHH! MORE MONEY FLY OUT FROM MY WALLET! Then we saw a post on SingAstro Buy&Sell that someone was selling a whole bunch of stuff. WHOOO! GSS! GREAT SINGASTRO SALE! And there was a binoculars for a good price. So I said, or Dave said, WE WANT! So we contacted the seller to claim the item.

Today, we, along with a couple of astro-folk, went to collect our new toys.

The weather was lousy so we didn’t get the chance to first light the binoculars. But we’ll be doing a first light soon – as soon as we get a clear night. And I’ll be sure to blog about it.

Anyway I just want to share the other new toy we got.

A few months ago, we heard that Hot Wheels was releasing a model of Mars Science Lab Curiosity. And I have a massive big obsession with Curiosity. My name’s on a microchip on the rover, I watched the NASA/JPL people build her in the clean room, I watched the launch and I watched the landing on Mars.

We went around trying to find the Hot Wheels Curiosity but we didn’t find it. Finally I got lazy and looked online. The main Hot Wheels store didn’t have it so I turned to my old friend – eBay.

I FOUND IT ON EBAY. The seller was selling two for a set. So I bought it. And lurked by my mailbox for about two weeks.

Today, I was about to leave the house when my maid aka domestic helper told me that I had a box by the mail box. So I went to get it. And did half an unboxing at home and the other half outside. And now … photos!

The box. Blurred out my address so you can’t stalk me. LOL!

Inside the box. I stopped the unboxing here since I was going out. Took the bubble wrapped package out to finish the unboxing with the guys.

The unboxing continued at the food court of Liang Court where we had dinner after collecting our new toys.

Dave opening the bubble wrap. I let him finish the unboxing since I did the first part.

TA-DA! Our new toys!

Curiosity on my laptop. Also see my cute dock icons. They’re cartoon versions of the Cassini and Huygens space probes. My laptop desktop used to be Cassini-Huygens themed. Because my laptop’s name is Cassini-Huygens. /off-topic.

Okay. That’s it for new toys. WE ARE BROKE. MONEY FLYING FROM OUR WALLETS. D:




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