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August 20, 2012 / Avarielle


Of all the senses that a person has, I’ve always said that it would be the hardest for me to lose my sense of sight. It is ironic that my right eye is affected by keratoconus. I’ll never have perfect vision in that eye ever again. It may get worse, and my left eye runs the risk of getting affected as well.

Glasses can help only to a certain point. Rigid contacts lens are also an option. There are treatment options to halt the progress of the condition. The only “cure” might be a cornea transplant.

At the moment, my condition is very mild. I am still able to correct it with glasses. I have a cornea specialist on my case, and he’s not worried. He says I won’t go blind, legally blind will be a whole new issue. And my followup appointment is only next February. This means I shouldn’t worry – too much.

Honestly, sometimes I’m scared when I read up about the condition. I’m scared for my future, and for myself. And sometimes I wonder who would want to date/marry me knowing I have this condition. I don’t want to burden anyone. Emotionally. Financially. Mentally.

But I’m stubborn enough to fight my condition. I don’t want to let it control my life. I still want a normal life. I still want to do the things I like doing. I’ll learn to live with the condition.

No matter what. I am determined to prove to people, and myself, that I can have keratoconus and still be very involved in astronomy.


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  1. nicole chen (@tumblenc) / Aug 20 2012 5:01 am

    I like your optimism 🙂

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