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April 30, 2012 / Avarielle

blog reviews #1

I joined a swap on Swap-bot which involves us reviewing each other’s blogs. Since I’m bored, I’m reviewing everyone’s blog, even though I’m only supposed to be reviewing only 5.

The reviews are under the cut. This post has the blog reviews for the swap. I’ll be reviewing the other swap participants’ blogs soon – within a week. For those curious, I used the names the bloggers used on their own blogs, and not their real name. Privacy issues and all that. The same reason I don’t go around splashing my full real name on the internet, and just use Avarielle.

blog name: FireLight Gleam’s Blog!
blogger: Bandeau

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BLOG. Everything from the design and layout of the blog, to the artwork being featured is downright amazing. Bandeau has amazing art and I was drooling at some of her work. I love the demon boys she draws. They’re an awesome mix of cute, and spunky.

My favourite post is They have begun. In the post, she talks about how she gets bad nightmares before an event. In this case, it was about SDCC and cosplay. I totally can relate. It reminds me of all the long nights I spent working on cosplay related things, and how the convention and cosplay would eat at my brain at all hours.

I’ll be checking back on this blog. The artwork will be an inspiration to me to work on my own drawing/art skills.

blog name: Airy Persiflage
blogger: Bev Sykes

This is exactly the type of blog I enjoy reading. The kind of blog that is about someone’s daily life. It gives me a perspective into someone else’s life, no matter how different their life is. The most amazing thing about this blog? It’s actually a mirror of another blog, THAT HAS BEEN RUNNING SINCE 2000.

Bev blogs about all sorts of things. Her daily life. Her family and friends. Her trips. Most of the posts are “illustrated” with photos  and they do a great job of adding to the blog. There are so many interesting posts I can’t pick a favourite. Some day, when i have the time, I’m going to sit down and read her blog – from the very beginning.

This is one blog I’ll be keeping up with.

blog name: ~In The Mind Of LilCountryBelle~
blogger: ~LilCountryBelle~

Another daily life blog. I enjoyed reading this blog. The design is fun and lively as well. The orange background makes everything more fun.

My favourite post was A New Beginning – School Girl Swag. She talks about her try at completing her college education and the trials she faced, and how she overcame it with faith and prayer. (I am not religious, spiritual at best, but I respect all religions.) This post really hit home for me since I went through something similar. Unlike LilCountryBelle, I took the easy way out, withdrew from university and came back to Singapore. (someday, I’ll blog about that)

blog name: Maggiemark
blogger: Maggie Mark

I’m very glad to review this blog for a very simple reason, it’s written by a fellow Singaporean. I always enjoy reading about life in my country – but from a different person’s point of view.

The first thing that strikes me about this blog is the simple design. It is very calming and elegant. There’s only a few posts but I enjoyed reading each and everyone of them.

My favourite post is Normal No More. She talks about how she wants to change her perspective on life and lists 10 ways to do so. This is something all of us could do as well. She also talks about beauty products – which was an eyeopener to me. I don’t use such products so it was interesting to see the variety, especially for rarer products that are not common in the shops.

blog name: Le Ranita
blogger: Viviana

I love the layout of this blog. It’s so simple, but cute and sweet.

Viviana posts her art, her daily life, her crafts & more. I especially enjoyed looking at her art. It’s really cute. I planned to read only the first two pages but i just reading on and on. She also posts photos of her daily life, many of her little girl. So lovely.

I also had fun with the fish widget at the bottom of the blog. I must have spent at least 10 minutes “feeding the fish”.

Another blog I will be checking up on in the future.


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  1. ~LilCountryBelle~ / May 1 2012 7:17 am

    Thanks for the review! This is a very lovely post 🙂

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