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April 27, 2012 / Avarielle

exploring the Maritime Experiential Museum

One fine day, Avarielle was bored and decided to turn to her old default bored activity: lurking at maritime museums. Since that was what she liked doing when she was living in Perth, Australia. So she decided to explore the Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium. Except that the aquarium was not open yet so she just explored the museum.

(why am I writing in 3rd person?)

Since my brain is mush, this shall be a picture post.

the Museum!

Admiral Zheng He's 'Bao Chuan' greets you when you enter. the video playing is about his voyages.

a model of a 'bao chuan'

Bao Chuan in Chinese literally means Treasure Ship.

tiny ships!

The upper level of the museum is dedicated to the various ports Admiral Zheng He’s fleet stopped at. Each section displays the imports/exports of a port, their traditions, and culture. There are also many activity stations.

one of the interactive displays. Spin the "wheels" to match up the spice to the plant. I had to do it a few times since I'm really bad at plant stuff.

Curry! Which version do you like?

There also was various stations where people could do simple crafts.

I made a Chinese junk!

Wayang Kulit. aka Shadow puppets.

The lower level was about maritime archeology.

shipwrecks around Singapore

some items retrieved from a shipwreck

side-scan SONAR. used to find things on the sea floor.

Well … that’s it for this museum visit. My friends and I plan to visit again so this won’t be the last you’ll hear of this museum.

Also, if I can find the photos, I might do a photo post of the Fremantle Maritime Museum, in Perth, Australia.


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  1. basykes / Apr 29 2012 5:23 am

    I was in the Fremantle Maritime Museum and loved it. What an impressive building. I can never see news reports of the Americas Cup without thinking of the display there.

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