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April 22, 2012 / Avarielle

My Treasure Bowl


Recently, I’ve been sending & receiving quite a bit of mail. Not email.I get tons of that on a regular basis. But real snail mail. The ones you send with a stamp and wait patiently by your mailbox for. This is all thanks to an amazing website – Swap-bot. I’ve been introduced to the wonders of penpalling, creating a relationship with someone through the written word. Also, I enjoy collecting postcards so that’s what I swap for.

The letters I’ve received were stuck in a folder and I felt sad for them. So I decided to “display” my snail mail. The jewelry in the bowl are also recent acquisitions. Some were gifts, some I bought for myself. The two necklaces I wear regularly are the Skyrim dragon pendent, and the Titanic coal necklace. The bowl sits on my TV/media shelf.

The bowl that holds the items is actually a replica of a First Class bowl used on board the Titanic. I got it at the ArtScience Museum last week, when I visited Titanic the Artifact Exhibition for the 100th anniversary of the sinking. (I shall blog about that soon) It is interesting, and slightly ironic, that I choose this bowl to hold my snail mail. After all, the Titanic was a mail ship and would have transported mail across the Atlantic – had she not sunk. Of course, most people send their snail mail via air now. Surface sending is cheaper, but takes a very long time.

So my mail will live there unless I want to re-read a letter or postcard or reply to it.


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