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April 3, 2012 / Avarielle

Titanic Blog#3: an unexpected discovery

One of the things I greatly desired after becoming interested in the Titanic was copies of the issues of National Geographic that covered the discovery and exploration. However such things were rather hard to come by. The year was 1998 and the issues that I was searching for were printed in 1986. A whole 12 years ago!

That did not mean I did not search. I checked second hard book stores and various other places. There was the possibility of searching online. But I was 14, I had no debit card or credit card or anything of that sort. Also, back then, people were more wary of online transactions so I couldn’t exactly ask my parents to pay for me.

In 2004, I finally discovered the magazines I was looking for.

I was in Perth, Australia, preparing for studies in a university there. On one of my free days, I was wandering around a second-hand book store when I spotted a stack of old National Geographics. Out of sheer curiosity, I sat down and started going through the stack.


I was rewarded with both the issue that covered the discovery of the wreck and the issue that covered the expedition that returned the following year to explore the wreck. And the best part, they were cheap, just $2 each. Such a low price for such a great find!


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