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April 1, 2012 / Avarielle

Titanic Blog #1: at the very beginning

Since this year is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. This blog is going to be a Titanic memorial blog from now till the end of April.

Every day, I’ll post an entry about one aspect of the disaster. The movies. The books. The memorials. My personal stories of the ship. And more.

This is also going to be my attempt at Blog Every Day in April (BEDA). We shall see how it goes.

Here goes …

As every story goes, there is an Once Upon a Time, a beginning. My story with the Titanic starts in 1997 and this is how it all began.

I was 10, turning 11 at the end of the year. I was in Primary 5 that year. My main obsessions and interests during that time were the ancient civilizations, especially Egypt and Mesopotamia. Maritime history was the furtest thing on my mind.

As part of an English class, we were given a worksheet to do. This particular worksheet was a closed passage. A short passage with certain words removed. Our task was to decide on the best words and fill those blanks in.

That particular passage was on the Titanic disaster. Normally I would paid the topic little to interest. But something about it struck me and I wanted to know more.

A few months later, we were at a Laser Disc rental library and there was a documentary about the Titanic there. (remember those laser discs, the much larger cousins of Video Compact Discs, DVDs, and now Blu-ray?) We rented the documentary and I remember sitting in my living room till quite late at night watching it.

I was fascinated. I wanted to know more.

However, me being the wonderfully distracted person I was and still am, got distracted by something else and the Titanic became just a memory.

Fast forward to November. The James Camaron flick was coming out and everyone was hyping it. One fine evening, I was watching something on TV when the trailer for the 1996 miniseries came on. I was hooked. And my Titanic obsession came back in full force.

That is how everything began.

Of course, that was over 15 years ago and a lot of things can happen in 15 years. My interest in the Titanic has come and gone. There has been months, years, when I’m so obsessed with something else that the ship is just like background noise. Some times, the ship and the disaster is all I can think of. And some times, I have been obsessed with other ships – like the QE2, and her sisters the Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth.

Currently, with the 100th anniversary almost here, my interest in the Titanic is back. However, it is sharing my headspace with a few other obesesions, namely particle physics, astronomy and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

So I guess that’s it for the first day of BEDA. Hope it wasn’t just a random mess of randomness. Tomorrow’s entry might be a book review. I have over 30 books about the Titanic, I can slowly go through that pile and pick books to review each day.


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