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December 8, 2011 / Avarielle

the Lomography Gallery Store opening event: the post-party report

Dear Internet, tonight has proven one simple thing: Avarielle needs to be controlled when she’s in a Lomography Gallery Store. Not because she’ll go insane and buy everything there. Although that might just happen. But because she forgets to use her brain and goes insane.

(why am I talking in third person?)

the sign above the shop

Anyway today was the opening of Singapore’s Lomography Gallery Store. And the AdCrew and I were there to celebrate. Also, many of my friends in the local Lomography community were there as well – so it was sort of a mini reunion since I haven’t been hanging out with them.

This was the door gift. And those are badges/buttons – shutter buttons to be exact. Which made me exceedingly happy since I collect them.

Not much to say, just enjoy the photos. And there was cake – with the Lomography logo. It was very delicious cake.

The cake. By the time I got to it, it was half-eaten. ):

the crowd

The AdCrew looking at cameras

cameras on display

the LomoWall. Which is basically a wall of photos.

She was drawing on the pillars outside the store.

And yes, there was a lucky draw. I won something – a La Sardina. (And we can all ignore the fact that I already have a La Sardina. More cameras are always good.) The other prizes were a Diana Mini and a LOMO LC-A+. Congrats to the other two winners as well!

hello new camera!

There was a giant La Sardina so we took photos with it. And wore it as a hat!

I have a giant camera. I wonder what sort of film it requires.

and now giant camera on my head!

(not TOO many photos now since I was shooting with my LC-A+ and I’ll need to develop the film before I can get the photos. Also my brain was going ASHJDSXCVBNCXCVBNM,SDFGHJK so I didn’t take that many photos.)


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