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September 9, 2011 / Avarielle

The RMS Titanic is sailing to Singapore

(And I will probably get bricked for that silly title)

Nevertheless, this morning afternoon I woke up to amazing news via Twitter.

Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition is coming to town!

As a self-confessed Titanic buff, this makes me exceedingly happy. Also, I have heard A LOT about this exhibit and used to moan the fact that interesting things like that never came to our part of the world. Well, I have no reason to complain now.

I will be checking out the exhibit at least once – and hopefully more than once. I already have plans to visit the exhibit on the 100th anniversary of the sinking – 14th/15th April 2012. It will be fascinating seeing the artifacts first-hand, especially since I have books with pictures of the artifacts but nothing beats seeing things first-hand.

Titanic – The Artifact Exhibition runs from 29th October 2011 to 29th April 2012.

For more information, check out the ArtScience Museum’s page.


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