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August 24, 2011 / Avarielle

STGCC 2011 – or the day I met Andrew Bell

STGCC is done and dusted for the year. And I was there about two-thirds of the time. I left early on Saturday afternoon to head to my university graduation – in case you were wondering.

I shall start off with the portion that made my entire weekend.

It may have even been more awesome than my graduation ceremony. 

I met Andrew Bell - designer of the Google Android collectible figurines

During the signing

The wait was annoying. About an hour and a half, according to the rest of the AdCrew who were waiting with me. But it was all worth it. I brought along my blank Android to get signed. And Raven Silvers passed me her signature book for a signature as well.

We were expecting just a signature on the items. What we got was a decorated Android and an adorable sketch.

The front of the Android

And the back

I shall leave Raven to upload the sketch since it is in her book.

Other than meeting Andrew Bell, there was also other highlights of the event for me.

a) my friends – and the other fan people. 

I always have fun when I’m with my friends – that is all I have to say.

b) the shopping I did

The shopping I did

Doododolls hat. FINALLY! I wanted to get one at last year’s event but they were sold out. So I was very happy to be able to get one this year.
Lolita cat ears headband. I forgot the name of the booth I got this from. But it was cute and fun to wear.
Google Android stickers and pin badges. From Andrew Bell’s booth. I swear folks, I saw the booth, squealed and ran towards it. I may be a huge Apple supporter, I am desperately waiting for the iPhone 5, but I love the Android as a character. Maybe not so much the operating system anymore.
Doctor Who art badges. From Sang Sayur. The three in the picture are mine. I got more for the rest of Whovians in the Valkyrie Knights.

c) the Street Pass on my Nintendo 3DS was going crazy.

StreetPass is this function on the 3DS that lets you connect to and share data with people – I should think.


(why is cosplay so far down the list? oh well)

I didn’t cosplay on the first day since I was going to have to run off halfway. So all my cosplaying was done on the second day.

No, I am not witty enough to make up that phrase. Someone else way cleverer than me did, and said phrase has been going around the Internet.

I was cosplaying a Large Hadron Collider (LHC) gijinka. This cosplay was done entirely for the fun of it. (Told you I am insane.)

(a gijinka is basically a humanization of a non-human thing)

And now for the not so nice bits of STGCC


Which meant no game shopping for me. And there was no Xbox 360 and Kinect, which meant no Dance Central.


I was sad. Raven was even sadder. We like gashapon.

In the end …

STGCC was overall fun for me. But I would have been happier if I didn’t have to leave halfway and if there was games and gashapons.


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