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July 28, 2011 / Avarielle

Singapore Science Festival : Day 6

We start off this post with Fracto Mahjong!

chilling out at the claymaking activity table.

this game is called "1...2...Tree." It teaches you about plants.

the darkroom in between sessions.

a different view of the darkroom

this is the view when walking out of the darkroom

Used pinhole cameras in a corner. Before they are reloaded with new photo paper.

photo developing chemicals kept in a locked cupboard. Away from kids.

Just a few of us. And the Droidz.

"escaped" Kids Science Fest for a bit and went over to Genefest to catch the Fmood Show. The show teaches about how food can affect our moods - hence the name

watching the show

Genefest rubber bracelets I got from the girls working at Genefest. Sort of an exchange for letting them do a session of pinhole photography

A group photo - with most of us working the Kids Science Fest. But not the last group photo we would take.


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