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July 27, 2011 / Avarielle

Singapore Science Festival 2011: Day 5

As promised, photos from Day 5 here.

The stage at GeneFest

Safe or Swell Supermarket. At GeneFest. Basically it teaches about food allergies.

Looking across Kids Science Fest

the materials for the Lightcatcher activity.

a completed Lightcatcher

Colours made from chalk and oil. For the Gift Wrap Paper activity

The tables there are used as a hangout area for the temporary staff. We eat, slack, chat at those tables. Originally they were meant to be used for the photography activity, but I just get everything done in the darkroom.

Doing a long exposure pinhole photo of the area. The photo is currently on the counter in the event hall. I left it there to dry overnight and will pick it up tomorrow or on Thursday.

Growing veggies in a hydroponic setup

Fracto Mahjong. An interesting mix between Mahjong and Fractions.


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  1. Edwin Tam Wei Ching / Jul 27 2011 5:43 pm

    Hi Avarielle,

    I came across your blog when browsing through the Singapore Science Festival Fanpage.
    I’ve taken a whole bunch of photos here:

    But what I really thought was interesting would be the Jim Lenz and Yarin Kimor workshops. They’re quite mind-bending. Really.

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