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July 9, 2011 / Avarielle

It has been a sad day for science & space exploration

STS135 launches!

I just watched the space shuttle Atlantis lift off on her final mission – and the final mission of the Space Shuttle Programme. It feels humbling – in a way.

I am not American. I have never even been to the USA. I live here in Singapore, half a world away from NASA and their space-related activities.

Yet, watching NASA TV today, watching as Atlantis launched, I felt a personal connection. To me, space belongs to everyone. No country has claim on any part of space. The space programme expands the knowledge of everyone.

Technology has allowed me to explore and experience space with everyone.

This may just seem to be a jumble of words. It really is. My mind is in a mess right now.

This year has been sad for science & space exploration.


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