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June 22, 2011 / Avarielle

we all live on a pale blue dot.

Pale Blue Dot

Early this year, I discovered Symphony of Science. Though the songs, I discovered Carl Sagan and his works. I watched Cosmos over a couple of nights. And then I read his books.
That photo above was taken by Voyager 1 in 1990 as it exited the Solar System. In that photo, Earth is about 4 billion miles away. This is an extremely large distance. Sagan was instrumental in getting that photo taken. He requested NASA to have Voyager 1 turn its cameras around one last time and take that photo before it left our Solar System. Coincidentally Earth is captured in a beam of sunlight. This is due to sunlight reflecting off Voyager’s cameras.

Sometimes I just stare at the photo and wonder, and think. It really is humbling to look at Earth from that far off distance. We are really just a speck of dust on the grand cosmic scale.

No matter how great we think we are, as the human race, we aren’t that great after all. We’re just one of many species on this tiny planet. We just got lucky and became sentient.

All the hate, the wars, the troubles in life just loose their meaning when we view Earth from outer space.

When I was younger, the mere idea of aliens scared me. I couldn’t imagine some beings coming from some other planet coming here to Earth.

Now, I have changed my stance. Now I feel that its is actually very arrogant to think that we are the only living beings in this universe. Alien life may not resemble anything we know. It may look like something we can’t even imagine.

Okay. So far, we have not found any life beyond Earth. But we are hoping – and searching.

The Voyagers left Earth with what might be a gift – a gift to the Universe. On each of the Voyagers, there is a golden disc. On this disc, there are recordings of our music, images and speech. It is a message to whoever finds it. A peace offering. A way of the discovers of the golden disc to know about us. We may not be here anymore. Space is such an empty  place that the Voyagers may never meet another living being in 5 billion years. Earth won’t be here in 5 billion years. Then, the Voyagers – and other spacecraft escaping the Solar System – will be the last remaining evidence that us, the human race, ever existed.

I hope that someday, maybe not in my lifetime, another living being is discovered in the universe. It will be groundbreaking and will bring a new perspective to life.

This post is not complete. But I’m publishing it now. These are just my thoughts. I hope you don’t take offense. I will add more to this post if/when I have more things to add.



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  1. nicole c / Jun 23 2011 3:22 am

    I liked this post 🙂
    It’s wonderful to think of the universe and how much there is out there.
    and I think I’ll read Carl Sagan’s stuff, now that I have time.

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