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March 24, 2011 / Avarielle

Hiking the Old Railroad Tracks

A year ago, if you told me we were going hiking through a jungle, I would have looked at you as if you were insane and then left.

A year later, after having gone on so many adventures with my beloved AdCrew, a hike is just another thing we have to do.

And that is exactly what we did.

Last Saturday, I dragged myself out of the house at insane O’clock and headed to Clementi to meet up with @Hai_Ren, @irukafishy, @deafknee, @wilfredphua, Raven Silvers and Sarah Coldheart. As it turns out, @irukafishy and I have a mutual friend – my best friend from Australia – but that is another story for another day.

Our hike started out with us walking across open grassy areas but soon we entered the jungle. And that was where the real fun began.


Into the jungle

This was truly jungle jungle – and not the controlled jungle that is Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

There were parts when we were walking on the old railroad tracks. Guess they were taken out of use and the jungle just took over.

We had to duck under branches, climb over logs, walk through muddy ground and push through trees and grasses. There was a point where my foot got stuck in some weeds and someone had to help me free my foot. Kind of a fail, I guess.

Half way through the hike, we reached a tunnel. And then it was really muddy there. As in you step in and the mud goes up to your ankles. At first I was being squemish and didn’t want to get too dirty. So i tried ways to get across the muddy area without getting too muddy. I nearly made it, but then fell and then I was muddy. So I thought HECK IT and just walked through the mud.

Then I got into the tunnel, and fell a second time. This time, I managed to end up on all fours on the ground. So I was muddy even on my hands. At that point, I truely thought HECK IT, I’M COVERED IN MUD ALREADY. And just clomped through the tunnel. I think I reached the point where I didn’t think I could get any muddier. Unless of course I fell in a way that ended up with my body falling into the mud – which thankfully didn’t happen.

We walked on through the jungle, taking breaks ever so often. It was really ironic how we were in the middle of a jungle yet we were still connected to the outside world via our smartphones. Of course there was much photo taking as well.


An old signal lamp

We also met a group of older folk who were walking in the opposite direction. The group was quite large and their leaders had knifes to hack away at the branches. So I guess they were fine.

After more walking, we finally got out of the forest and into open fields. On we walked. We passed a river – i think.

And finally we reached the railway tracks – the ones still in operation.


YAY we're out of the jungle

More photo taking occured. Thankfully the train wasn’t coming by at that time so we could walk along the tracks and take photos. But it is good to go in a group so that we could look out for one another.


the tracks

Also, No-Thumbs the Android came out around this time for photos.  (No-Thumbs is my Google Android figurine and sort of my current travel toy. I take him around and get shots of him in interesting places or just my daily life. And he’s a lot cheaper and less fragile than my ball-jointed dolls.)


No-Thumbs on the tracks

Walking along, we found a station house where we took more snaps and sat down for a rest.


Tired but happy we made it this far

More walking and we finally reached civilization. I had never been happier to see Bukit Timah Road – and that is saying something since I live along said road and travel along it almost everyday.

We headed to McDonalds for some much needed rest and food. My legs were so thankful when I finally sat down.


even No-Thumbs was glad to be able to get a snack

I took a lot more photos but they’re on my Diana mini & LC-A+ so I’ll have to get those rolls of film developed.

Next adventure: Filmcamp 2011. and at least that is A LOT more sedentary.


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