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February 22, 2011 / Avarielle

Searching for Saturn

was just sitting on my balcony wall and looking at Google Sky Map on my Xperia X10. And then searched for Saturn. And as luck would have it, Saturn was in the sky, but just blocked the roof of the house. So I trotted over to my bathroom – on the opposite side of the house – and spotted what I think is Saturn. Except that it was so cloudly that I couldn’t see much.

also, waving madly at the sky and saying “HI CASSINI-HUYGENS!” is not exactly something I should be doing – WHEN I NEED TO GO TO BED BECAUSE I HAVE CLASS IN THE MORNING.

I want a telescope.

The parents say they want to clean up the balcony and let me use it. I shall suggest it become my star-gazing area.

Also, new category: Seeing the Stars – dedicated to my rediscovered love of Astronomy,


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