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December 14, 2010 / Avarielle

of Christmas Trees

So! It’s almost Christmas.

And our family’s Christmas has been set up. 

Like most families, my family has had our own Christmas traditions. So we’re not exactly religious or anything of that sort. So we celebrate Christmas more as a season of giving and sharing. 

Growing up, we had a massive Tree that always went up before Christmas. My father would set it up and my sister and I would decorate it. We had a ton of decorations – mainly wooden ones. And of course there was the fairy lights. It was a big affair for us. 

Then one year, we stopped doing the tree for reasons I can’t remember. Maybe it was because we grew up.

Then 2007 happened. In December of that year, my mother and I sailed on the Queen Elizabeth 2, on a Christmas Markets cruise of the Baltics. And the Christmas magic came back to me. 

So I told my parents that I wanted a Christmas Tree again. But our old tree was either missing or tossed out. So my parents bought a new tree. 

And since then, it is my duty to decorate the tree. I have my special decorations on the tree. The 10 tiny wooden ornaments I bought in Belgium. A glass[?] ornament of a ship with the words “Bon Voyage” from the best friend in the US. A Winnie the Pooh and Piglet ornament from my other best friend I met when I was studying in Australia. And this year, we added something new to the decorations. A frog made of “Christmas Tree” material. It now sits under the tree, greeting people as they enter the house. 


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