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December 9, 2010 / Avarielle

Three years ago …

Three years ago ..

I stepped on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 for the trip of a lifetime.

I have been obsessed with ships and maritime history since 1997, no thanks to a certain Titanic movie, but my love was always for the ships and not the love story. And in 2007, I somehow got myself obsessed with the QE2. 2007 was being an awesome year, and the perfect way to end it? A 9 day cruise on board the QE2 – which according, to my parents, was my 21st birthday present.

And since three years today I was on board the QE2 having the most awesome time ever. I decided to do a quick picture post.

^ on deck. with the QE2’s famous funnel.

^the mother & I. In the Queens Room, the night of the Captain’s Cocktail Reception

^QE2 docked at Oslo, Norway

^ you know when people celebrate their birthdays at restaurants and they bring out a cake and sing? Yeah. I got to experience it, except on board the QE2. the mother arranged it of course.

^ the most famous name at sea


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