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December 8, 2010 / Avarielle

Of Touch Screens, the World Wide Web and Hadron Colliders

So. I think I’m to add CERN to the list of companies/organizations that own my soul.

Let me present the facts.

The World Wide Web. Which we all refer to as the Internet nowadays was invented at CERN. And we all know how addicted I am to said WWW/Internet. And without the WWW, there would be no facebook, no Twitter, no myspace, no google, no yahoo, no nothing.

Touchscreens. Now this one is new to me. Just discovered it last night. YES THEY INVENTED THE TOUCH SCREEN AT CERN. And I’m a big touch screen addict as well. Just note the number of touch screen devices I have. Okay. Fine, the CERN touch screen is the capacitive variety, the kind on iPads and iPhones. But still TOUCH SCREEN!

So folks. Don’t go bitching at CERN for their Large Hadron Collider. Go bitch at Brookhaven’s RHIC or Fermilab’s Tevatron. I’m pretty sure that there are black holes there as well. Heh. (I’m sure there are other particle accelerators around but cut me some slack. I’m typing this entire off my head, with no research.)

On second thought, don’t go bitch at any of these research facilities. I’m sure they’re pretty awesome places doing research into things that my poor mind can never comprehend and making our lives all the more interesting.

OR MAYBE CERN OWNS MY ENTIRE FREAKING SOUL. Considering the World Wide Web/Internet is my entire life.

And I would love to go emit hearts and love at the Large Hadron Collider. But I think it would be rather strange to go fangirl and squeal over a machine. Then again, I’ve already done that with the ships, so what’s a particle collider. So if we do go to Switzerland in the near future, I expect there will be photos of me geeing out over everything since I will try my very best to go visit CERN.

I will link to the relevant pages when I get home. Am doing this on my iPad at the moment.


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