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September 21, 2010 / Avarielle

fic: Happy Birthday QE2

So today – or rather yesterday – is the 20th of September. And is also the 43rd anniversary of the naming of the Queen Elizabeth 2. And thus I decided to write a short story as a present. Also, note that said story was plotted a couple of days ago but I actually typed it out in less than four minutes. Was trying to finish it before the clock hit 12 midnight and the new day would begin.

A couple of things to note: This story is set in Dubai, with the QE2 now converted to a floating hotel/entertainment centre.

Also, please forgive my pretty faily writing skills. Speed typing is still not something I am very good at.

The sun was still low in the sky when the girl slipped out of the doorway. In her hands, she carried a small parcel.

With purposeful steps, she walked towards the bow of the ship. Or rather the floating hotel. Considering the ship was converted to a hotel the year before.

The girl looked up at the massive bow of the ship.

“Happy 43rd birthday.” She whispered. From the small parcel, she took out a tiny cupcake and stuck a candle into it. Placing the cupcake on to a plate, she settled down on to the ground, facing the ship.

For a moment, she fumbled with a lighter, trying to light the candle.

“Sorry. I’m not good with lighters.” She apologised, as if it would make any difference.

“Happy birthday once again. Make a wish?” The girl asked no one in particular.

As if on cue, a gust of wind came by and blew out the candle.

The girl grinned and lifted up the cupcake to her mouth.

“Happy birthday to you, my beloved Queen Elizabeth 2!”


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