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June 10, 2010 / Avarielle

the great Queen Mary 2 adventure: day 3

Woke up just after 6 and lazed in bed for a while longer. Then lazily dragged my lazy self to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Then the mother got up and got ready as well.

Breakfast was at the King’s Court since it was too early and all the other food areas were still closed.

After stuffing our faces, we headed to the Royal Court Theatre to join our tour for the day. Tour group was mainly older people and a few younger children. Then it was a 2 hour bus ride from the port to Bangkok. Spent much of the bus ride sleeping and listening to my iPod.

Upon reaching Bangkok, we headed to the first stop for the day: the Grand Palace.

Of course, words fail me and I can’t describe the place, so you’ll just have to look at the pictures. WHICH I SHALL UPLOAD – SOON.

Sadly, the weather was rather hot and I spent way too much time hiding in the shade. It also was very crowded. Quite a few tour groups – including ours.

After the palace, we headed off to go shopping.

The shopping mall we headed to was MBK Centre. It is huge and has loads of things to buy. AND THERE IS AN ENTIRE FLOOR DEDICATED TO TECHY STUFF. You can’t imagine how happy I was. Saw many many many iPhone cases – all of which are of absolutely no use to me since I don’t use or own an iPhone. Though, I picked up a pair of earbuds that looked almost like the stock iPod earbuds. And they were really cheap.

Then we got hungry from all the walking and headed to the food hall for lunch. It was an international food hall so lots of options.

I ended up having beef nachos – for the simple fact that I haven’t had any since 2007. Yes I am exceedingly hilarious. I travel to Thailand and don’t eat Thai food.

Towards the back of the food hall was a massage area – which made both the mother and I exceedingly happy. So we enjoyed a short but enjoyable massage session before heading back to the bus for the ride back to the ship.

Reached back to the ship around 5 30. The mother headed towards the small makeshift market that had sprung up along the dock side. And I headed towards the bow of the ship. And then I proceeded to take many many photos.

After a while, we boarded the ship and headed to our cabin to put down the day’s shopping. Then it was back to the top deck to watch the sailaway. And guess what? It was delayed – AGAIN. Apparently some people must have done something since they were paging for them over the PA system. Sailaway finally happened around 7 30.

And that was when I heard the QM2’s horn properly – for the first time. Previously, I had only heard the ship’s horn on videos and online. So this was something fun for me. Of course I had to video record the horn.

And now, this is where I shall state that the Queen Mary 2’s horn isn’t as impressive as the QE2’s horn. QE2’s horn isn’t just something you hear. The sound goes through your entire body and fills you up. It’s something that I can’t describe and has to be experienced for yourself.

After that, we headed back inside to go and get ready for dinner. The usual stuff happened.

Then on the way to dinner, we passed the Photo Gallery and I prompted got distracted. Ended up buying the photo frame with the formal photo and the boarding photo. Much amusement happened when I saw that the port photos for Dubai. The reason: Practically all the photos had the QE2 in the background. I was torn between laughing and feeling sad. Yes, I’m still sad over the QE2’s retirement even though it happened over a year and a half ago.

After that, it was dinner. Which was delicious as usual. And the dinner conversation was wonderful as well.

After dinner, the mother and I wandered around the decks. Also stopped by the King’s Court where I ended up having a post-dinner snack of hot chocolate and cookies.

Then it was back to the room to sleep.


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