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April 21, 2010 / Avarielle

Story Starter #1

Got a story starter/prompt from @jolantru

And so gave it a try. Not too bad. But not that great either.

The book disintegrated in my hands. I cringed, dreading the feel of dead paper on skin.

“Oh. Shi-” I swore. I didn’t think books disintegrated on a regular basis. And I was sure the library was going to fine me for apparently destroying the book.

Then again, I was sure I wasn’t even supposed to be in this section. No one actually knew what the section was for. Everyone just called it the “Secret Section”. We all knew that the books there was magic and spoke of things that normal people would call strange.

The sounds of footsteps made me look up. It was the caretaker. I relaxed. The caretaker had seen me around the library enough times to know that I was of no danger to their books. After all, it was the caretaker himself who showed me the “Secret Section”.

“Looking at things you shouldn’t again?” He asked, with a smile. “The books destroy themselves if they think the reader isn’t ready for the knowledge.”

“I wasn’t looking at porn, if that’s what you were thinking.” I replied. The caretaker just smiled. He placed his hand along the shelf and whispered some words under his breath. I watched as a book – the very same book that had disintegrated earlier – reappear.

“There’s just some things about this world, and the worlds beyond that you’re not ready for yet.” The caretaker said, cryptically. And walked off…


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