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March 19, 2010 / Avarielle

the great Queen Mary 2 adventure: day 2

Got an early start to the day. Was up around 6-something in the morning and lazed around in bed. After lazing around for a bit, got bored of lazing and then got up and got ready for the day.

Since the mother was still sleeping and in no hurry to get up and start the day, I ended up wandering around and taking photos. So, grabbed the LC-A+ and headed out of the room. Started taking photos of just about everything and anything. Ended up walking all the way from Deck 5 to deck 7. Took a look out of deck and realised that it was bright. So headed back to the room to get the mother up.

The mother was still sleepy and not wanting to get up. And I was getting hungry. So I headed to the King’s Court to get some food. Had hot chocolate and a bun. Now that I was less hungry, I wandered back to the room.

the condition of the room when we woke up

And the mother finally got up. So we headed to the Britannia Restaurant for breakfast. Had a melon platter and pancakes. While the mother has kippers – which I found out were some kind of salty fish.

Jams & such on the breakfast table

After breakfast, we headed to the Grand Lobby – and the Purser’s Office to settle some matters. Apparently there had been some mix-up with my Cunard World Club(CWC) records. The tickets & records didn’t reflect my previous voyage – the 2007 QE2 one. So I had to get it fixed.

Sidenote #1:  CWC is like a “club” for past travellers. Something like the frequent flyer programmes the airlines have.

Queueing up at the Purser's Office

Ended up walking around the area trying to find the Cruise Sales Office – where I had to go settle my CWC matters. Kept checking the maps but didn’t find the place. Finally, asked the Purser’s Office and was directed to the new location of the Cruise Sales Office. Only to get to the place and find out it was closed.

So decided to deal with that matter another time and ended up going wandering around the ship. Wandered into Connexions and stared at all the info panels. And discovered the computer labs around that time. So ended up checking my email and updating the blog.

My next discovery was the bookshop. Where I had to control myself and not buy the entire shop. Picked out some postcards to send to various peoples.

The mother called as I was leaving the bookshop. So I headed back to the Grand Lobby to meet her.

Sidenote#2: I had discovered some hours earlier that I was able to receive phone signals so my mobile phone was on.

So we headed to the King’s Court to grab some food. Found the “Lotus” section and its glorious glorious Asian food. The mother was very pleased.

And that was lunch. After lunch, walked the mother to the Royal Court Theatre for a talk on jade. Then wandered off again. Ended up at the Commodore Club.

Pear Perfection

Journaling at Sea

Where I found a table and started journaling and writing the postcards. Also had a drink – Pear Perfection. Got quite a few postcards done when I got a call from the mother. Apparently there was some fruit carving going on at the King’s Court. So I finished up my drink, and the postcards, and headed off to the King’s Court to meet her.

Located the mother at the King’s Court but no fruit carvings. Then the mother wanted to see the library so we headed there.

After the library, we wandered back to the Grand Lobby and to the shops above. Ended up at the random store that sells Cunard voyage memorobilia. Got some stuff and considered getting other stuff.

Then the mother wandered on deck to go relax and I went to the Cruise Sales Office to settle my CWC matters. Probably confused a few people who were wondering why I was queueing at the Cruise Sales Office. Since everyone else there was at least three times my age.

Afternoon Tea - sort of

Dancing in the Queens Room

After settling matters, headed out on deck and found the mother. Then it was almost time for Afternoon Tea. So we headed to the Queens Room.

After tea, we headed up on to deck to just relax. I wandered around taking many photos and making silly videos. Around this time, my camera’s battery started to die so we headed back to the room.

The mother then headed off somewhere to exercise. And I finished up the postcards.

After finishing the postcards, I headed off to the Purser’s Office to get them posted. Also picked the audio set for Maritime Quest. Played with the unit for a unit. In theory, you stand in front of certain Maritime Quest info panels and press a button on the unit and it narrates stuff. It sort of work. But worked enough to amuse me.

Then it was back to the room to get ready for dinner.

It was the night of the Commodore’s Cocktail Reception. So we headed to the Queens Room. Did the usual photo with the Commodore.

Campagne in the Queens Room

Commodore & the Officers

Then it was time for dinner so we headed to the Britannia Restaurant. Where I had my third alcoholic drink for the day – a Singapore Sling. Dinner was delicious as well. And the company lovely. Topic of discussion – governmental policies.

Was so full after dinner that walking was hard. Then it was sleep time – since we were stopping at Thailand the next day.


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