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March 17, 2010 / Avarielle

a snake “adventure”

A slightly different adventure of sorts.

Was sitting in my room when suddenly I heard my maid – domestic helper to be exact – screaming and freaking out. Apparently she had been washing clothes in the backyard when she noticed that some frogs were hopping about madly, and being chased by a snake.

Cue much screaming & freaking out.

Then I called my father and he came home and took a look at the situation.

Sidenote #1: The back of our house shares a common wall with the garden of the neighbours behind. Said neighbours’ garden is higher than our backyard. Which leads to a retaining wall and holes in the wall for water to drain out from.

And the snake apparently had gone into hiding into one of those holes. Chasing out the family of frogs that lived that.

After more freaking out, mainly on my maid’s part, I ended up calling the AVA (Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore). Managed to get the number of a pest control company from them. But that number wasn’t worked.

So I got online and searched around. And found SITA Pest Control. Gave them a call and they agreed to come over to the house to take a look.

All these while, I was up in my bedroom. Sometime later, I wandered downstairs and saw the men from the pest control at work. They were spraying some kind of chemical into the snake, hoping that the snake would be driven out.

However, dispite their efforts, the snake stayed hidden. The men stayed around for close to two hours – trying all ways and means to get the snake.

Finally, they suggested that we find some way to cover up the holes. And left, not before telling us to call them again if there was any more snake trouble.

My father then decided that it would be wise to cement up the holes – leaving only a small hole for drainage.

And then .. probably the only good thing so far that has come out of the drainage works in front of the house happened.

My father went to speak with the supervisor of the drainage works. And was able to get the help of one of the workmen in patching up the hole.

Currently, the holes in the wall are patched up with cement. But we have a hunch the snake is still hiding in there. Hopefully, it’ll just die in there and not find its way out and go annoy someone else.

damage report of this adventure:
2 frogs – dead
1 spitting cobra – hopefully dead.

Honestly I feel sorry for the frogs.


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