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March 10, 2010 / Avarielle

Bodyworlds & The Cycle of Life.

So, the best friend and I headed to the Singapore Science Centre to go to Bodyworlds & The Cycle of Life – on its last day here in Singapore.

Bodyworlds sphere

What's in front of the Science Centre

The first thing that we saw as we reached the Science Centre was the massive queue at the counter. Thankfully, the staff alerted us to the self-pay kiosks. So I paid for the tickets with plastic.

Then we wandered over to the other side of the Science Centre, where Bodyworlds was. Then we saw the second massive queue – to get into the exhibition. So we decided to go find some food first. We got our food soon enough.

OH MY! Look at the queue!

Then it was back to the madness of queueing. But finally, we did get in.

Lots of wandering around happened at this point. Saw exhibits that I saw before. Spent about an hour and a half inside. Sadly, the exhibition hall was crowded so I didn’t get to fully enjoy the exibhition. Oh well, that’s what I get for going to an exibhition on its last day. No photos inside since it’s not allowed.

Some of my favourites were there. Like the Skin Man and the Horse and Rider.

Sidenote #1: I went to an earlier exhibit of Bodyworlds the last time it was in Singapore – in 2004.

Also discovered new favourites like the Giant Squid and the Octopus. Both my friend and I liked the Octopus the most. We think it’s cute.

Overall, I found this exhibition very interesting and educational. And not so much the shock factor since that was the second time I saw the exibhition. Although I felt it was smaller as compared to the previous time – when it was held at the Singapore Expo. Still, loads of fun. Since I was doing silly things like mimicking the poses of the exhibits. And pretending to take a large bite out of the Giant Squid.

Yes, I want Bodyworlds to come back to Singapore again. And no, not after six years. Maybe in a year or two would be nice.


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