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March 3, 2010 / Avarielle

CAN! Create

While the rest of the Adventure Crew headed off to the Megazip, I choose a decidedly less active one – CAN! Create at Marina Barrage.

I headed to Marina Bay MRT around 1:30 and met up with a fellow LomotionSG member and a friend. After hanging around the station for another half an hour, we decided that we weren’t going to wait any longer – and headed off to Marina Barrage.

sidenote#1: This outing/adventure was very impromtu. It was more or less agreed that we would just head to CAN! Create and see if we could bump into anyone. Which – as we found out later – wasn’t the best idea.

We got to the Barrage and saw the festival at once. We stood around for a bit then wandered over to check out the stalls.

CAN! Create stalls

the various activity booths

Ended up at the badge making one. I made a badge that said “I ♥ QE2” while my photographer friends made badges about cameras and lenses. Just as we were finishing up with the badges, there was the call for everyone to go to the stage area. And so we did.

Ms Wong & the kite she decorated

Ms Wong & the kite she decorated

The guest of honour, a Ms Audrey Wong , gave a short speech. She also decorated a kite and that was given to a representative of the organising commitee for the event. With that done, the event was officially opened.

sidenote #2: One of the aims of CAN! Create was to have the participants make a total of 169 kites which were to be flown – to represent the number of days to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games.

The three of us were dying from the heat by now. So we headed over to the drinks booth and got ourselves cold, cold Cokes. Which did wonders.

a Mongolian instrument piece

a Mongolian instrument piece

a Mongolian dance

a Mongolian dance

Now , rejuvenated, we wandered back to the stage area. Where there was a performance of a Mongolian instructment. Then it was a dance piece.

AFter that, we wandered around taking photos and looking at the other stalls. There was one that did shrinkable plastic pieces. Was tempted to do one but didn’t know weather to draw the QE2 or attempt the Lomography logo. So passed. Then there was a stall that deciorated bags. The smell of spray paint from that stall was just awful.

Some more wanderings and photo takings occured at this point.

Then we decided to head to the upper level of the Barrage via elevator. So off we went.

Discovered the Gallery along the way and popped in to escape the heat. Glorious, glorious air conditioning. Also saw a working model of the Barrage in there. Very interesting.

Then we headed to the upper level of the Barrage. Wandered around taking photos and just generally bumming.

Finally the heat got to us so we decided to head off. And that’s where the CAN Create part of my adventure ended.

all photos taken with LOMO LC-A+ RL loaded with Solaris Ferrania 400.


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