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March 1, 2010 / Avarielle

Here .. fishy .. fishy.

No. This post has nothing to do with fishing.

Although I have tried fishing once, at a pay-to-fish pond, and managed to catch a fish – and have my rod fall into the pond some time later.

After school today, the classmate and I wandered over to Bugis Junction because she wanted to go buy books at Books Kinokuniya. I was very tempted by many books there as well but managed to resist.

Then the classmate went off home – and I headed to Bras Basah Complex. Because I randomly wanted to go search out Cat Socrates. I did find the place and was very tempted by many things – mainly notebooks and photo cards. But I resisted and managed to leave the shop with only a set of lomography photo cards.

After Cat Socrates, I wandered around some more and decided to go find Basheer Books. Which I did find.

Upon entering the shop, I saw a heavenly sight lots and lots of cameras. Which made me happy.

Needless to say, I couldn’t control myself and before I knew it, I was the proud, new, owner of a Pink Fisheye 2.

And now my new camera needs a name.

the box

and the box opens !

a closer look

the camera itself

papers & such that came with the camera


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  1. Joelyn Alexandra / Mar 12 2010 12:13 pm

    If you want to call it Floorfish, I don’t mind. Even if it’s pink. HAHA.

    ~ Joelyn Alexandra

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