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February 19, 2010 / Avarielle

The great Queen Mary 2 adventure: Day 1

6th February 2010

We – being the mother and I – arrived at the Singapore Cruise Centre around noon-ish to check in our luggage and catch the shuttle bus to Pasir Panjang Terminal.

a side note: the Queen Mary 2 is too large to dock at the Singapore Cruise Centre so she has to dock at Pasir Panjang Terminal. They had arranged for us to check in our luggage and catch a shuttle to the ship from the cruise centre.

All we knew was that we had to go to the cruise centre. We didn’t know which part of the cruise centre we had to go to. Much confusion and running around happened. Finally, I asked the passenger services counter and they pointed us to the side of the building, where there was a small table set up as a counter to collect our luggages and direct us to the shuttle buses.

So that’s what we did.

By 1:3opm, we were on the bus and I did my first journal entry for the day.

First view of Queen Mary 2

First view of Queen Mary 2

Reached Pasir Panjang terminal soon after. I remembered the place from the time last year when I went there to look at the Queen Mary 2 when she stopped by on her world cruise last year. Drove through the terminal for quite a while and I was starting to wonder when we would actually get to the ship. But we finally spotted the ship – actually we first saw the funnel – and then everyone in the bus got excited.

Got off the bus and there was some tentage with counters for checking in. Got checked in and got our shipboard ID cards. Then headed to board the ship. Whipped out my phone and tweeted Boarding QM2. Just because I could.

Then we really boarded. Not before we took the traditional boarding photograph.

"Welcome Back" & "Happiness"

"Welcome Back" & "Happiness"

Then we finally – officially boarded – and headed to our stateroom. After wow-ing at the room and dropping out stuff, we were hungry and decided that we needed food. So it was off to the King’s Court – the buffet area on the ship. Had some food and texted some people. All while feeling really surreal and still in disbelief that I was finally onboard the Queen Mary 2.

After foods, we went exploring. And got lost. Many times. And my mother complained at the Queen Mary 2 was harder to get around as compared to QE2.

Then we got hungry again, and headed to the Queens Room for Afternoon Tea. Which was delicious.

After tea, we wandered over to the Royal Court Theatre to see what the performance was about. Turns out it was some local – local meaning Singaporean – dances. So I decided that I wasn’t interested. So then we headed back to the room to rest. Lazed around in the room till after 5, then headed to the Royal Court Theatre for the muster drill.

Avariel at Muster Drill

Avariel in a lifejacket

Muster drill was a typical muster drill. Nothing special to report. Essentially the crew telling people what to do in the event of an emergency. *knocks on wood*

After the drill, the mother and I made plans. She wanted to go to either the pool or the gym. And I wanted to just laze around and hopefully catch the sailaway. So we headed back to the room. The mother got changed and went off to exercise. While I stayed back in the room and unpacked.

Around 6, wandered up to the top deck to watch the sailaway. Then heard announcements for some people to return their passports or something like that. Apparently the immigration procedures hadn’t been completed so the ship couldn’t leave. The announcements kept going on till around closer to 7. When I had to wander back to the room to meet my mother, and so I did.

Bathed and got changed and ready for dinner, then headed into the Britannia Restuarant for dinner.

side note #2: Cunard ships – which includes Queen Mary 2 – operate on a system which pairs your accommodation level with your dining room. The Queen Mary 2 has three levels of accommodations – from the most expensive to the least – being Queens Grill, Princess Grill and Britannia. Each of these three levels have a seperate dining room. So essentially, for us, we were booked into a Britannia level room so we had our meals at the Britannia restaurant.


This is just the first course!

Dinner was delicious – as usual. Although dining in a formal setting can be slightly unnerving for the first time. All those cutlery! Our table was shared with a couple from Australia. And we clicked with them – so no problems there.

After dinner, the mother and I wandered on to deck and lazed in deck chairs. Then, after a while, we headed back to the room to sleep.



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  1. Kathy / Feb 28 2010 12:11 am

    Sounds like fun – I hope one day I get to see one of those “Welcome Back” cards in my stateroom!

    What is the food?

  2. Joelyn Alexandra / Mar 1 2010 1:41 pm

    Even the drill place looks nice. Though you look super bored. ~ Joelyn Alexandra

    • Avariel / Mar 1 2010 7:35 pm

      the drill was held in the theatre. lol. i guess i was less bored and more off “get me out of this lifejacket”.

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