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February 16, 2010 / Avarielle

Ship Spotting: Queen Mary 2 – March 15th 2009

The original entry was written in my livejournal a year ago. But since I’ll be posting about my crazy Queen Mary 2 adventure soon. I guess I should blog about the first time I saw the Queen Mary 2.

ps. this entry is a literal copy-and-paste from my livejournal.

Also, this entry marks the introduction of a new category for my blog; Ship Spotting. This section will cover my “adventures” – both past & future – down to the various ports to take a look at the ships that come by. And there shall be photos.

March 15th 2009

Left the house around 2 30 and headed towards Pasir Panjang Terminal. I had checked up the exact berth the QM2 was at and so we knew where to go. Got slightly lost when we encountered a road block, there was an slight accident, but managed to get to the terminal. So drove along the terminal fencing and peeking in.

Suddenly we spotted the red and black funnel of the QM2 and I nearly screamed in joy. So we started looking for a good place to see the ship.

Sadly, we kept getting blocked by fences so we ended up driving along a bridge. Ended up somewhere near the passenger cruise terminal, then drove back towards the Pasir Panjang Terminal.

Along the way, my mother saw a break-down area so she stopped for a bit for me to take pictures.

Then we headed back to the area the QM2 was. Tried to get into the area but they said we needed a pass. So we tried to get a pass but they gave us some weird excuse like we needed the port agent to approve it. So we decided to forget it and just take pictures from the carpark. Snapped a picture with my cell phone camera.

Then I had to go back to the city area to meet friends. So we were walking back to the car and I was jumping up and down like an idiot and being at least 50 kinds of excited. Then as we drove off, I was shouting BYE QUEEN MARY 2! SEE YOU IN SOUTHAMPTON NEXT YEAR!

And now … on to the pictures.

being blocked by all manner of crap that can be found at a port area

from behind a fence

taken with my cell phone camera. just outside the office where we tried to apply for a pass to get in.


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