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February 7, 2010 / Avarielle

day 2 on board the Queen Mary 2

Hello hi !

This is Avariel, live from on board the Queen Mary 2. Today is the second day of the voyage and the first sea day. We’re currently sailing North, towards Thailand.

. Anyway, the Queen Mary 2 is awesome, awesome. So far, I have been eating like a pig and wandering around grinning at random things. Oh I must share: at the landing for staircase C on deck 5, which is near our stateroom, there is a panel about the Titanic disaster & the role the Carpathia played. Very very interesting. And the level above is a panel about my beloved QE2.

But I can’t write too much. Since ship internet is slow & expensive. And I am updating via email since I apparently forgot my wordpress password. Anyway, I am off to explore more of this amzing ship. And I think I’m going to stop by the bookstore and get postcards to send to people.


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