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January 20, 2010 / Avarielle

an issue of names #2

I’ve been thinking about names – mine specifically.

It occurred to me that sooner or latter, i”m going to start being published. Which leads to me wanting a pen name.

And my first choice – and the name I identify with the most – Avariel. Which is not a very good idea at all. For those not up to speed with their Dungeons & Dragons/Forgotten Realms lore, the Avariel refered to a race of winged elves.

Whose name I happily “borrowed” a few years back and now am too used to it.

I did some google-ing and discovered the name Avaril. Which is practically the same name as above – except that it’s not copyrighted or owned by anyone.

And more Google-ing reveals that the name Avariel is also the name of a band and part of the name of someone else’s cattery. Meh. That might mean that the name is okay for me to use.

ouch. My brain hurts. I shall now drag myself to bed and think more on this name issue in the morning.


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