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January 10, 2010 / Avarielle

A summary of posts #1

Alrighty. Since my hands feel like jelly and my brain is on strike. I shall do a basic summary of posts to come. Basically posts about the adventures.

Hong Kong & Macau trip
aka the family trip. In which I squealed like an idiot at the Lomography Gallery Store. Fangirled and squealed at a massive Xperia Pureness ad. Took way too many photos both inside and outside the Venetian Macau. And generally had loads of fun.

Pulau Ubin with the Lomotion gang and Light Painting
Joined a group of my Lomotion buddies for a day at Pulau Ubin. Cycled around the place. Spent a little too much time stuck at shelters due to the rain. Which ended up being chatting and bonding sessions. Discovered interesting places.

Then returned to the mainland around evening. And headed over to some place around Changi to light paint. Much fun.

Hat-py party at SAM
Organised by 24seven. Lots of fun and food. Great entertainment as well. Took many pictures. Ran around the gallery like the crazy people we are. And didn’t win the Holga.

Marina Barrage on impulse
Met up with a fellow lomotion buddy for a random photo walk. Ended up near the Singapore Flyer. Where we had the most random idea to go over to Marina Barrage. Some getting lost happened but we finally reached Marina Barrage. Where we took photos. Chilled around. Chatted and just enjoyed the scenery.

Failing at Via Ferrata but walking way too much
Went to give the Via Ferrata climb at Orchard Central a try. Failed. My hands hurt. Then Joelyn and I had the most random idea to walk all the way to Clarke Quay. Which we did. Stopping at various places to laugh at things like a Flirting Point and people riding the scary extreme swing along the river. Then had yummy pizza cones.

Photos to come soon. Because I had to be a genius and use my LC-A+ to take the photos. I should invest in a smaller digicam, no?


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