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December 8, 2009 / Avarielle

the day avariel drank beer

Went to Brauhaus Restaurant & Pub with the parents on Sunday evening for dinner.

Despite the fact that it was a Sunday evening, the place was relatively quiet and we managed to get a table the moment we stepped into the restaurant. I guess everyone was somewhere else – like Orchard Road. Then again, there was a Barney & friends show up at the atrium of United Square so I guess most of the families were there.

Ordered a cherry flavoured beer for myself while my father got a black beer. The cherry beer was sweet and very light. I was drinking it like the way I drink normal drinks – not the best idea though.

cherry beer

Cherry Beer

For mains, we got half a pork knuckle, a sausage platter, a bowl of oxtail stew and a plate of bee hoon. All very delicious.

Sausage Platter

Pork Knukles

Oxtail Soup

The ambiance of the place is relaxing. There’s a live band playing there on some days – but we didn’t see the band when we were there. Since there was no band, they were playing a selection of CDs with songs from a number of years ago. My parents recognized the songs but I think most of the songs were popular even before I was born.

The bar top and the coasters on display on the walls

Overall, a very nice place for a dinner – or just a drink with friends.

They also have tables outside – we were seated inside, with the air-conditioning – for those who prefer the al-fresco dining experience. They also claim to have the only outdoor pool table in Singapore.

In closing, Brauhaus is a nice place for a meal or drinks. So go there with your friends – or family like what I did.

Brauhaus is located at:
United Square
101 Thomson Road #B1-13/14
Singapore 307591


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