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December 7, 2009 / Avarielle

a trip to Singapore Discovery Centre

I am not a morning person. It takes something very special for me to be up before 12 noon. And last Saturday, a special something occurred – the outing to Singapore Discovery Centre organized by 24seven.

My last trip to the SDC was at least seven to eight years ago – when I was still in Secondary school. So to me, this trip would be viewed as visiting a completely new place.

I arrived at Joo Koon MRT around 10am and met up with Claudia – and the rest of the bloggers. After waiting for everyone else to arrive, we headed off to the Singapore discovery Centre – a quick 5 minute walk away.

So! We got to SDC and got our stickers, brochures and an empty box. Yes, an empty box. You see, said empty box was for us to keep postcards. There was a total of 9 postcards around the centre.

After some introductions, it was time for the tour to begin.

First stop was a dark room. I’m kidding. Inside the room, there was a series of large screens on the wall – showing scenes from Singapore’s history. The videos loop so I guess you could stand there and watch everything. But we didn’t so, moving on.

Then there was this area with various sign posts with Singlish terms and the English translations below. And there was pictures of people queueing up – for what I don’t really recall. And there was some of the faces replaced with a hole so you could put your face there and “join the queue”.

We also saw this simulation game that replicated what a real-life battle command centre would look like. Really really interesting. Too bad there was some people playing with it or we would have gone and given it a try. Looks like a really cool thing to play computer games. Too bad I’m not into the military real-time strategy genre of games.

There was a simulator show that basically was about what would happen if there was a terrorist attack in Singapore. Was slightly disturbed but won’t say why. You’ll have to go there and find out for yourself.

There also was this dome-shaped area that had loads of stations. It was used for some kind of game – not too sure what games. Would be really fun if you managed to get a whole big group of people and go there.

Something really of interest to me – a newscaster simulation. Essentially, you sit in a chair and read the words off the teleprompter. And there was a few different news stories to cover. Really interesting – from a media student’s point of view.

Oh. Something that made us laugh so much. A dancing game. It’s not DDR but it’s not easy. But a whole lot of fun.

We also met Little George – the mascot of the Singapore Discovery Centre. And he can talk. SO we asked him questions – like “Who are your friends?” and “Who are you enemies?”. And also found out that people have asked him for 4D numbers and those numbers have actually be drawn. hmm.. Maybe I should go ask him for 4D numbers the next time I am there.

Something that really excited all of us – the paintball arena. Sadly, it was closed for repairs when we were there. But we were taken in to take a look. Maybe someday we should go back for a paintball game.

We also got to sit in a helicopter! Well, it wasn’t flying or anything. Just a static model on display. We climbed in for a look.

Then there was the Singapore 365 titbits exhibit – the current temporary exhibit. There were a number of sections – all very interesting. We found a massive kaleidoscope in one of the areas – and played with it. Very amusing and pretty. There also was a huge pop-up book.

Then we got divided into two groups. Our group headed off to give paintball a try. Paintball was fun. I can’t aim and shoot though. But still very fun.

We also went to the XD theatre. Note to all, I normally am terrified of simulator rides. But this show was fun. I won’t spoil it and say anymore. Go there and experience it yourself.

Finally, we headed to the shooting gallery. Got to try the SAR 21 and the gun. They weren’t real weapons but I would say, very realistic, right down to the recoil. Did manage to hit some targets. Fun – and very good for taking out your anger.

In conclusion, the Singapore Discovery Centre is really interesting. I wouldn’t mind going there and spending an entire day exploring and playing with all the interactive exhibits. It’s also a great place to go and have fun with your friends. There’s all the games and also you’ll probably learn something about Singapore in the process as well.

(Photos to come when I develop the films. Because I had to be brilliant moron and use my LC-A+ instead of my digicam.)


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