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December 5, 2009 / Avarielle

not a “New Moon” review

things I’ve learnt from New Moon
1) jumping off cliffs = good. jumping off cliffs with your clothes on = even better.
2) you can sit in the same position for months on end when you’re in an emo mode.
3) vampires can travel by planes and probably have passports.
4) for guys: if your girlfriend gets hurt and is bleeding. don’t bother with a doctor or the hospital. just talk to her and then take off your shirt to wipe the blood.
5) papercuts = VERY BAD
6) sparkly vampire is VERY SPARKLY.
7) Edward is a road hazard.
8 ) “My kungfu is good”
9) tell someone that you’ll never leave them bla bla bla. then tell them you have to leave in the very next moment
10) wandering around forests = VERY GOOD
11) your father won’t find it strange if you turn up being carried by a shirtless guy – even after you’ve been missing for some time.
12) when you get lost wandering around above-mentioned forests, curl up on the ground and whine.

more things to come when my brain wakes up more.


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  1. Joelyn Alexandra / Dec 5 2009 10:06 pm


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