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November 22, 2009 / Avarielle

one of those days

today – well yesterday at the time of writing – was one of those days i’ll remember for a long time.

met up with some people from Lomotion for a photo walking outing. wandered around chinatown for a bit. then ended up near Singapore River. wanted to go “annoy” DSLR photographers with our toy cameras but decided we had better things to do. then wandered over to the grassy area in front of Singapore Art Musuem. took a bunch of random photos.

after that, one of us had the bright idea to go over to Objectifs. and so we did. ended up discovering cool areas near Objectifs. was majorly poisoned by all the Lomographic goodies there. and spent unnecessary money on three sets of shutter buttons. (i’m planning to collect all the different designs of the shutter buttons. i’ve so far got 5 sets.)

after being poisoned at Objectifs, went for dinner, was delicious.

and then came home and crashed.


its days like this that i’ll remember for a long time. not because what we did was so awesome. but because the people in the group are just so amazing.

as of today, i’ve been officially into Lomography for two months. and it has been nothing short of amazing. there has been 4 outings – Sunny Rehab 2009, the random Toa Payoh/Tajong Pagar photo walk, the prawning outing and yesterday’s outing. everyone in Lomotion is so friendly and welcoming. technically i’m very new to the group – but it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re new or old, you’re more than welcome to be part of the group.

they don’t care what camera you use. what film you use. what you choose to shoot.

so different from the knitters i used to hang out with. they would care what yarn you used. what patterns you knitted. what snobs.

i never want to trade the Lomotion gang for anything.

when will be our next outing?


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