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November 20, 2009 / Avarielle

every obsession has a story

every obsession has a story. and every story wants to be told.

i didn’t just fall in love with lomography just like that. it was a long process. and this is my story.

it all started back in 2002 or 2003. back then, i used to be obsessed with the Esplanade theatres on the bay and would go there as often as possible. during one of those times, i saw this massive lomowall along the tunnel that leads into the Esplanade. and i was intrigued but didn’t pay too much attention. essentially, i thought that’s cool. and moved on.

fast forward to end 2006 and the opening of vivocity. and there was a page one at vivocity. and there was a whole lot of lomography cameras and other stuff – and i was suckered back in. so i used to look at the stuff. be all kinds of sad at the prices. and then walk away.

in september 2009, i saw an article in the newspaper about the Diana Mini. and my brain immediately went I WANTS! *insert grabby hands* so i ended up online and started to research.

so on the 22nd of september, i said DAMM IT ALL and hauled my sorry ass down to Objectifs. and got my hands on the Diana F+ and the 35mm back.

now, almost 2 months later, my life has taken a slightly crazier turn. i’m more obsessed with photography – actually lomography, but who really cares. i’ve met a whole bunch of awesome people through Lomotion – the lomography/toy camera/analogue camera forum. i’ve realised that i’ve somehow accumulated 6 cameras. i spend way too much money on developing film. i have way too much film. and i’m plotting how to build a darkroom in my bathroom.

lomography saved my sanity – in a way. i had booked my cruise on the Queen Mary 2 in early september and said cruise won’t be happening until February 2010. imagine me having to survive all those months with nothing on the brain but the cruise. i think i would have gone stir crazy.

though, my parents say that someday i’ll ditch lomography – like how i’ve done to some other hobbies. when that day comes, i’ll kick myself and remind myself why i fell in love with analogue photography in the first place. because hanging out in the cold darkroom, smelling all those chemicals and watching the photograph you’ve taken develop on that photographic paper is nothing short of awesome. that photography module i took back in 2005 made me love film/analogue photography. lomography is my way of keeping that love alive and having fun.


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