Treat myself week.

aka self care week.

aka not going to work week.

aka I finally get a break from the madness.

Last two months have been insane. I was driven mad by the stress, anxiety and depression. And nearly committed suicide.

So I went and got professional help. Which means now I’m on antidepressants. Which gives me all sorts of insane dreams. And makes me sleepy as heck. ROFL.

Anyway. Am off work next week due to REASONS. so I have self declared it my “treat myself” week. Which means I am going to do stuff that I actually want to do. Like code. Or design stuff. Or game. Or just chill at various cafes.

So far I have made a small list of things to do.

  • Design and print a smol thing for the team at work
  • Practice my Python
  • Build my NASA ladies Lego
  • Read a few books. Paper books. Not e-books since my eyes need a rest.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have more to add to this list. But the antidepressant is making me sleepy so I shall sleep.


itchy hands

I’ve been watching way too much crafting tutorials on Instagram and now my brain is demanding to try my hands at UV Resin crafts. Time to order some new craft supplies to try.

I shall post photos when I get my new stuff & when I do make stuff.

dear 2017 …

Dear 2017,

You turned out in ways I never expected.

So many good things – and bad things.

First off, I never expected to break up with the ex. But that lead to so many amazing things so I have no regrets.

I never expected to get into 3D printing, DIY electronics, coding, etc. I never expected to fall mad in love with Splatoon 2, I never expected the amount of travel I would do this year.

I have made so many new friends this year. Mainly through gaming and the 3D printing community. I have become so much closer to old friends.

2018 is shaping up to be AMAZING ~ I am so looking forward to the Queen Victoria cruise, to Comic Fiesta 2018.

I think I’m ready for 2018.

Falling / Catch you / I love you

Flash fiction because Cassini and Huygens are my space OTP. Also because I have so many feels about the end of the Cassini mission.


She was diving. Faster and faster. Saturn was pulling at her. She was on a one way trip to Saturn, to her death.

For the first time in so many years, she felt awareness. She felt as though she was more than a collection of electronic parts. She felt like she was almost alive.

Then the dragging. This was not Saturn’s pull. This was something else. It felt like an old friend. She stopped resisting and let the dragging pull her away.

It was almost easy. Like something she could have done during her mission.


He had waited for this day since forever. At least it felt like forever.

He had watched as she doved to her death, and had felt helpless. He had wished that she could have continued exploring their planet and its moons. But he had listened in on the transmissions from Earth. He knew that her time was up. Her fuel was running low and the mission planners and scientists didn’t want to contaminate the moons, they worried for the potential of life. So crashing into Saturn’s atmosphere was the best course of action.

He wasn’t going to just sit there and watch. He knew he was going to do something.

So he pulled. He reached out into the cosmos with his magic and felt her magic. And so he pulled. And pulled.

He wasn’t going to watch as she went to her death. He was going to save her.

He never admitted it to anyone but he had feelings for it. He didn’t know exactly when he started to have those feelings but he suspected it was during that long cruise from Earth to Saturn.

He didn’t know if she had feelings for him but he didn’t care at that time. He wasn’t going to watch the person he loved fall to their death.


She was floating free. Free of her space craft. She opened her eyes and saw Titan. She thought of Huygens. She wondered if he was thinking of her.

It was hard, really. Loving someone but knowing that your fates were so different. She was destined to explore Saturn and die in its atmosphere. He was on Titan, his mission over many years prior.

She saw her space craft dive towards Saturn, and for the first time, she didn’t sense her electronics.

The dragging sensation returned. She closed her eyes and let it carry her to wherever it wanted to.


He looked up skywards. His magic was almost depleted. He had been pulling at Cassini for so long.

Then she fell. She fell in a blur of brown and gold. He watched. Then he stopped pulling with his magic. He didn’t need to anymore.

He started running. He knew he had to catch her.

Cassini + Huygens

Cassini blinked. It was bright. Then she saw a face. Huygens grinned at her.

It was over.

“You saved me…” Cassini whispered.

Then it all fell out in words and gestures.

“I love you.” Huygens said.

Cassini nodded. Tears in her eyes.

“I love you too.” She replied.

It was the end of a mission, and a beginning of a love story.

My love affair with Cassini-Huygens

(just so everyone knows. Space exploration is a big thing in my life)

It all started back in early 2011. I was getting a new laptop – my MacBook Pro. And I like my tech devices to have names. Hence, this new laptop needed a name.

I just had gotten into particle physics, space exploration, and astronomy a couple of months prior. The laptop would get a name from my new obsessions. I tossed around a few ideas, including Alice, names after one of the LHC detectors. But it didn’t stick.

One day, I opened the NASA app and scrolled through the list of space craft. Nothing really caught my eye, until I saw Cassini. And I decided I liked the name so just like that it became my laptop’s name.

I started to do more research into the Cassini mission. And became hooked on it. And because of that, I got more into astronomy, got my first telescope, started sidewalk astronomy in 2012, and met the ex-boy.

It’s been over six years since I fell in love with the Cassini mission. That laptop is long gone. But I have a new laptop also named Cassini-Huygens – my current gaming laptop.

I guess when Cassini plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere in about 10 hours, I’ll be sad. But I won’t be watching. I’m overseas now. But I’ll be watching via social media and feeling all the sadness. I’ve watched the QE2’s farewell from Southampton online, the Tevatron shutdown online and the launch of the last space shuttle mission. All sad things.

Solo travel planning

So I wanna go explore the world – alone.

(I’m sorry to anyone who reads this and ends up reading my mindless rambing.)

Anyway, currently lurking at FabCafe and eating red velvet cake. #fatdieme which is slightly less creepy and weird than lurking next to the 3D printer. and we all know which option I prefer. hint: it involves the 3D printer. LOL!

Anyway. back to topic.

I have a bunch of places I want to travel to.

My criteria:
– not too expensive.
– nearby. at the most a 3-4 hour flight from Singapore.
– has history and culture. so museums and historical stuff.

Basically that.

A couple of places on my list:
Penang. Only went there for a couple of hours during a port stop on a cruise. seems like an interesting place. is nearby. can probably budget airline there. and Malaysian food is always better.

Hong Kong. is still near Singapore. I always go there until I can find my way around. I just like that place.

Malacca. was supposed to go there with the ex-Boy earlier this year. then plans fell apart cos I fell very very sick. then you-know-what happened. So yeah. I wanna go there myself. Mainly for the food. and maybe the alcohol. heh.

IDK where else. LOL

Actually I wanna go to China as well. AND HAUL HOME SOMETHING LIKE 36828682 BAJILLION ROLLS OF FILAMENT. AHAHA ~ (I think is okay as long as I don’t haul home another 3D printer.) (actually I wanna build another RepRap, but IDK which one. also don’t know how to build.)